About us

Collaborative learning in an interdisciplinary problem-based language course


The course was designed and implemented as part of an extensive, three-year project with the support of a European Union operational programme, Education for Competitiveness, under the auspices of Masaryk University's Language Centre. It was developed for and with science students, and can now serve as a template for the collaborative teaching of language and subject matter generally.


We are a group of teachers who believe that in the 21st century, interdisciplinary collaboration is very important. The iterative processes of preparation and teaching were as strong a learning experience for us as for our students. Arriving at a consensus with people from different spheres was both challenging and enlightening.


We hope that our experience will be valuable for everybody who might be interested in developing a similar course. In the spirit of collaborative learning, we are keen to share with you not only the positive aspects but we also draw your attention to the pitfalls we encountered along the way. Expectations vs. reality.

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