Pedagogies into Practice: Practical speaking development in second language-medium education

With burgeoning English-medium course provision in higher education, there has been interest in various paradigmatic waves of pedagogy attempting to address the related challenges. In particular it is of interest how these might be usefully and practically put into action, if at all. Marrying traditional or trendy principles with the day-to-day pragmatics is often easier said than done, when students present their needs en-masse and discipline-specific. With a focus on spoken performance over written, this session includes a number of hands-on interactive activities that may form the basis for practitioners‘ own language enrichment on the one hand, and on the other, for analysis and reflection on methods and classroom techniques, that might be beneficially adapted or applied to practitioners‘ own instructional practice, in higher education.




Lektor: Tony Corballis


Tony is an EAP and business English specialist with 21 years of university and commercial experience in teaching, lecturing, authoring, training and coaching. With an M.A., B.Com., and Trinity College Licentiate Dip. TESOL, he has worked across one Australian and six British universities, mostly in EAP and academic literacies, Business English and related ESAP, and before that as an educational manager of an EFL, EAP and Medical English department in British Further Education. He’s co-authored books, including Garnet’s English for Management Studies (winner of the 2009 English Speaking Union’s Duke of Edinburgh English Language Book Award) and authored extensive published materials brought to market in Australia, China, Vietnam, Thailand and the UK. He has also delivered modules on Middlesex University’s MA in Interpreting.  He currently balances employment at University of London SOAS with an enterprise providing executive coaching.



Místo konání: Údolní 33, Konferenční místnost Nadace Partnerství, Brno

Čas konání: od 9:00 do 16:00 hod  (s hodinovou přestávkou na oběd), registrace od 8:30 hod

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