ICT mimo třídu

As the use of technology in language teaching and learning is steadily becoming the norm rather than the exception, the potential for taking learning beyond the four walls of the classroom is enormous. We teachers just need to learn what’s out there and how best to use it with our students.

This hands-on workshop aims to provide teachers with an introduction to tools and tasks which can help learners to consolidate knowledge, aid collaboration and creation.

With the technology at our fingertips and a wealth of resources now at hand, we really can take teaching and learning beyond the classroom and as a result ensure that our students have the chance to better their English beyond the classroom.



  • Session A: Getting your head in the cloud: Introduction and introductions
  • Session B: Developing writing skills
  • Session C: Developing speaking and pronunciation



Nikki Fořtová  – Nikki has been involved in English language teaching since 2002 in the UK and the Czech Republic. Nikki is CELTA and DELTA qualified, an oral examiner for the Cambridge suite of exams, and a CELTA tutor. She is currently working as an English language teacher and teacher trainer at Masaryk University in Brno, whilst finishing an M.A. in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. As well as teaching and teacher training, she is interested in the application of technology to language learning and teaching, and is currently running the ICT for English Language Teaching course at Masaryk University. Nikki has presented internationally on the topic of technology enhance language learning. In addition to her role in the English department, Nikki is a freelance teacher trainer for OUP, as well as for International House World Organisation’s Online Teacher Training Institute, where she helps to design and manage online courses and the virtual learning environment Moodle.

Shaun Wilden – Shaun has been involved in English language teaching for over twenty years. He is currently the International House World Organisation Teacher Training Coordinator but also works as a freelance teacher trainer and materials writer– contributing materials to a number of coursebooks.  Apart from that he maintains several online teaching sites including ihonlinetraining.net. He is a moderator of the twitter #eltchat group which meets every Wednesday to discuss issues and ideas in ELT and an events coordinator for the IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG. Feel free to follow him @shaunwilden or find out more about him at shaunwilden.co.uk. When not sitting at a computer, Shaun enjoys growing food in his garden and then cooking it.


Místo konání:  Technická univerzita v Liberci, Ekonomická fakulta TUL, Voroněžská 13, učebna HI2, 6. patro

Čas konání: 9:00 až 15:00

Kontaktní osoba: Helena Neumannová (helena.neumannova@tul.cz)