Autonomous Learning

Setkání s Julie Bytheway a Bernadette Forward bude mít podobu neformálního setkání na téma Autonomní učení a Používání ICT (Information and communications technology). Neformální v tomto případě znamená, že nepůjde o klasické přednášky, ale spíše o vzájemnou diskuzi, sdílení zkušeností a příkladů z praxe.


Autonomous Learning: Sharing Teaching Experience

This seminar is planned as an informal sharing session that will focus on autonomous learning. We are going to improve our understanding of what autonomous learning can consist of and what roles teachers can play in the processes of autonomous learning.

Date and time: Tuesday 14. 10. 2014, 17:00-18:00
Place: Studovna CJV, Komenského náměstí 2



Julie Bytheway 


Julie is a qualified and experienced Teacher Educator, with extensive experience as a curriculum, course and assessment designer. Her strengths are creating highly motivating learning experiences, promoting autonomous learning outside classrooms, developing transparent flexible assessments, using modern and collaborative teaching methods and technologies, and building positive relationships with learners. Julie is also an experienced qualitative TESOL researcher with excellent interview skills. Her main research interests are autonomous language learning and autonomous teacher development outside schools using digital technologies and online communities. Julie enjoys learning part-time by-distance and working in teams that share her enthusiasm and commitment to excellence.



Bernadette Forward

Bernadette Forward Photo copy

Bernadette, a second-generation TESOL professional, has worked in language teaching for over eight years. Bernadette built her professional repertoire teaching in New York, New Zealand, and Taiwan. Bernadette excels in designing and facilitating learning experiences that foster collaboration, critical thinking, and discovery. She is currently working in the ed-tech sector where she is focusing on learner autonomy, motivation, and English for specific purposes. Bernadette is learning Mandarin and training for the Brooklyn triathlon.