Využití ICT ve třídě


Using ICT in the Classroom – Program Outline

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are changing the educational landscape. Everyone can find quality content on the web, author their own materials and share with others. Social media tools like twitter and Facebook have changed the way we communicate. In the global village created by the Internet we are connected in ways that were unimaginable a few decades ago.

Meanwhile literacy is no longer seen as the ability to read and write printed text but rather the ability to critically interpret a wide range of media. With such multi-literacy skills being taught from primary school upwards, university-level education is also changing. Students come to class with mobile devices that can enhance learning (if they are used thoughtfully!).

Teachers can find it hard to keep up with the plethora of tools available. It can be difficult to discern the differences or choose the most suitable ones.

In this day training event, we will explore the theory and practice of using ICT. Participants will receive a reading pack and access to tutorials for further professional development after the course ends. Theoretical frameworks for implementing ICT will be covered as well as plenty of hands-on practice.

Participants will leave with specific action plans for trialing new tools in their own classes.

  • Session A: Working with video and audio materials: finding, sharing and creating
  • Session B: Curation tools: collecting the best of the web
  • Session C: Social media for educators – best practice and tools: Facebook, Twitter and Edmodo
  • Session D: Your Action Plan, tools for continuingyour own professional development, Question & Answer session, Wrap-up


Instructions for course participants:

We urge all teachers who want to develop their knowledge of web-based tools to create a separate email address, preferably with Gmail. This address can be used to create new accounts for the new tools you will be experimenting with.

In order to find out more about your needs, we have prepared a short questionnaire (10 items) for you to fill in: http://tinyurl.com/csdktbc


Místo konání: Institut celoživotního vzdělávání, Mendelova univerzita, Brno, Zemědělská 5, budova E, PC učebna, 2. poschodí, 10:00–17:30 hod.



Işıl Boy works as an EFL instructor and ICT Coordinator at Yıldız Technical University, School of Foreign Languages, Istanbul, Turkey. She has worked for Pilgrims running courses with teachers in Canterbury, and conducted various ICT training courses in Turkey, across Europe and in the UAE. Having received her BA in TEFL from Istanbul University, she is now studying for an MA in Educational Technology and TESOL with the University of Manchester. She is also the representative of the International Association of Technical English Trainers in Turkey, and an Associate of the International Teacher Development Institute. On her blog, http://isilboy.edublogs.org, she shares educational technology resources for teachers.

Kristina Smith is the training coordinator at SeltAcademy, where she designs and arranges professional development activities for English language teachers including online courses on Moodle. She has been fascinated by how Internet-based tools allow teachers to connect, share ideas and develop new ways of working with learners ever since she took her first online course. Studying the latest trends and tools allows her to re-evaluate paradigms of education and professional development.

Over the past few years she has had the privilege of working with trainers at the Consultants-e developing and moderating online courses. She enjoys running ICT courses (among others) at the Pilgrims summer school in Canterbury. She presents frequently at conferences.  In her ‚free‘ time she takes online courses and works on her MEd on Education and Learning Technologies at Macquarie University.


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